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2019 has been filled with pleasant surprises for the Achieversklub team and I can’t help but express my joy.

First, the Mega AchieversKlub System was launched this year. This received an impressive start and people are already reaping the rewards of duplication and fast team building.

Secondly,our co-founder Edson Pindza officially became a Professor. On March 15, 2019, he was officially made a Professor of Applied Mathematics. Good news for all of us, but it doesn’t stop there.

AchieversKlub School of Cryptocurrency and Entrepreneurship has been accredited by the University of Pretoria. The school can now certify students in blockchain and cryptocurrency. The school is an extension of the ACK goal to help more Africans tap into blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution

We are trying to bridge the gap and invite more professionals to take part in the revolution so that Africa won’t be left out. That’s the core of our mission.

It is a huge success for us and indeed it calls for a celebration. So here are a few things to expect from the new school.

1. Only the Best Lecturers Allowed

We gathered the best and most qualified professionals to teach our courses. The academic team headed by Prof. Pindza is made up top professionals in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Like you know, our own Professor Pindza is an expert in cryptoassets investments. So be assured that the lecturers coming are not quacks—who just give you things they have read. Apart from their knowledge, you are also going to benefit from their wealth of experience.

While I’ll love to tell you their names and talk about their profiles— Until we officially open the school in June 2019, I have to keep their details a secret.

2. Not the Usual Read to Pass System

The environment is not the usual ‘sit, read, pass, forget’. The system brings in a new approach. All thanks to Edson Pindza. He has a zeal for making education easy.

We are using the engagement format and admission is by merit. Also, you get to practice what you learn before you get certified.

3. Explore New Opportunities and Career Paths

Apart from learning everything you need to grow in blockchain, you will get hands-on guidance to ensure you don’t miss anything. ​ If you are conversant with the blockchain industry, then you should know that smart contracts and Internet of Things (IoT) are the new routes to creating wealth and staying relevant. Our courses on cryptoassets investments would guide you on the path to making sound decisions.

4. All Classes are Available For You Online

Our courses are going to be online and offline: we understand that it might be difficult to combine school with work or business. So people even miss out on furthering their education because there is no time to drive down to school. Well, here is a good opportunity. The courses will be available both online and offline.

If you can’t join the class physically, you can attend courses online without any extra costs.

5. Access to The AchieversKlub Mentorship Program

Our mentor-ship program is starting very soon – real soon. It will kick off the same time with the University program. The mentorship program is not only about Blockchain but all round success.

The school is a big deal for all of us as a team and I know that together we would lead the Blockchain Revolution in Africa.

Hanna Pindza
Hanna Pindza
Hanna Pindza has been an entrepreneur for more than 14 years. she has unparalleled experience in wealth building, financial coaching, and leadership. She is passionate about improving the financial and economic standard of Africans particularly women.


  1. my name is Laurent Nyumbu from Namibia.I would like to register for this course,I am a member of Bitclub network. what can I do to be among the first group of student for June 2019?

  2. Elton Sibanda says:

    How can I get registered for the online studies?

  3. Nonzaliseko mkhize says:

    Hi I’m Nonzaliseko Muriel Mkhize. I would like to know more about the school of cryptocurrencies and the fees to be paid thanks

  4. Tshepiso says:

    Dear Achieversklub

    I am a student at University of Pretoria, kindly please provide me with full details regarding the school which is opening somewhere in June, I am so interested in learning about the business I was given this information by a friend. A brother of mine he’s also a student at Tuks and he’s experiencing financial crisis so I hope this would really make some impact on his life as he’ll be equipped with knowledge and skill in Bitcoin Investments etc same as with me. I just want to know does one register to take part in the programme.

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