Cryptoassets and Cryptofinance


About Cryptoassets and Cryptofinance

Cryptoassets and cryptofinance is a course that introduces a compact but simple body of material to students on investing in cryptocurrency and the ensuing regulations emanating from governments, central banks and financial institution around the world. The goal of the course is to empower students to build a string of cryptoassets portfolios. The goal is underpinned by the fact that there is immense wealth to be made in cryptoassets. However, this wealth is held by a few people who possess the necessary information about cryptoassets investment. Therefore, this course is an attempt to democratise the knowledge of cryptoasset investment and cryptofinance.

Additionally, there is a growing body of regulations targeting the cryptocurrency industry. While some cryptocurrency activists have voiced their dissatisfaction about the regulations, however, government around the world are initiating regulations in a bid to sanitise the industry and ensure the safety of investments. This has opened debates, of which this course will equally address. Finally, this course will address the impact of cryptocurrencies in the financial sector.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Have a firm understanding of the cryptoassets, cryptoassets investment and portfolio building;
  • Have a sound appreciation of the revolutionising impact of cryptocurrency on financial institutions and how it is at the forefront of a more open and democratic society.

Course Content

The following topics will be covered:


  • Investing in Cryptoassets
  • Cryptoassets Wealth Creation
  • Cryptoassets Fundamental Analysis and Valuation
  • Cryptoassets Portfolio Management
  • Entry Strategy
  • Exit Strategy


  1. Cryptocurrency and financial institutions
  2. Cryptocurrency and Central Banks
  3. Cryptocurrency and Developing World
  4. Cryptocurrency and Labour Work
  5. National Cryptocurrencies
  6. Rebuilding Government and Democracy


AchieversKlub Conference Centre
1 Sturdee Avenue, Rosebank
Johannesburg, South Africa View Directions


22-25 July 2019
12-15 August 2019
9-12 September 2019
14-17 October 2019
11-14 November 2019
9-12 December 2019


R2 800.00

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