About AchieversKlub Academy

AchieversKlub Academy is the education arm of our business. An important vehicle in the pursuit of our mission, the Academy’s mandate is to conceptualise and deliver best-of-kind learning and development interventions with a specific focus on crypto assets, crypto finance and crypto entrepreneurship.

Value Proposition

The first wave of the digital revolution brought us the web-based internet of information, which has no doubt made the world a better place on many fronts. Building on its success, the blockchain-based internet of value is the next wave, promising to take the world even further.

Resting on the blockchain’s potential to foster a more democratised and distributive global economy, there is a growing sentiment that the impact of the blockchain will surpass that of the internet. This mega trend represents endless possibilities for individuals, organisations and communities around the globe. However, in order to turn possibilities into reality, individuals and corporations have to get up to speed with pertinent trends, understand their implications and act informed. This is where we come in.

What We Offer

We offer formal learning programmes for individuals that want in-depth understanding of crypto assets, crypto financing, crypto entrepreneurship and the underlying technology.

Developed and facilitated by industry experts, these programmes are delivered both in-contact and online as open (public) and customised (corporate) interventions.

Some of our programmes are delivered in collaboration with the University of Pretoria, South Africa, allowing for accumulation of credits towards nationally registered qualifications.